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Welcome to my page! I'd tell you that you're in for all sorts of excitement, entertainment, enlightenment, and other "E"words that inspire interest and fascination.... but I'd be lying. On a good note, if you stick around, I'm fairly certain you'll find at least a dozen indications that your family is more normal than mine is.

Hmm.... 2011. Probably not going to be one of my favorite years as we lost Mom the day before Mother's Day, but we're all getting by. Now it's a matter of getting back into the swing of things and keeping up with the kids again. I don't have any new family pictures to put up yet. Steve's suddenly decided no one's allowed to take any photos of him and it's making things a little difficult, but I'll get him. You just wait!

As usual, the only page I expect to get any real attention for awhile is the WIP page and even that needs to be cleaned up for the new year. I need to get last year's images off of it and start filling it with this year's work. Of course, that requires that I get my backside in gear and start keeping track again, doesn't it?

On a good note, I do have one completion for 2011 to show off at 2011 if anyone would like to see it. I'm hoping to give it a little company before school starts, but all three of my current projects are pretty detailed, so we'll have to see what happens.

Oh yes. I should probably mention that as of May 30th, I started keeping a blog. Yep. Me. A blog. Frightening thought, I know. We'll see how long this lasts. For even further proof that God does, indeed, have a sense of humor and we're generally the butt of that sense of humor you are welcome to visit Dear Lord.... HELP!!!!!!!!. At least until Blogspot decides they can no longer tolerate the blemish to their integrity...


First warning to page is extremely graphics heavy, so if you've got a slow machine or a slow connection, please be prepared to wait just a little bit.

This is us!

This portrait was taken on Hunter's first birthday back in May of 2009. (We still don't know why Hunter was so fond of trying to choke on his hands.) Sarah was 10 and Heather was 2 in this shot. Believe it or not, I was 33 and Steve was 32. It's the most recent family picture we have and I have no idea when anyone will be able to coax Steve and me into another picture, so enjoy this while it's here!

Here's one that was taken for Sarah's birthday this year. Steve had prior commitments so he wasn't able to go with us. The rest of the session photos are scattered throughout the kids' pages, which I'm getting created, updated, and uploaded as fast as I can.

Well, we can't leave out the furry members of the family......

This is Sarah's cat, Calli. Born January 24th of 2006, she was a nightmare as a small kitten and I really wasn't sure we were going to be able to keep her. But, she's finally stopped the hourly howling and turned into a very sweet cat. Unless of course, there's a strange animal near any of the windows. Then she reverts back to her banshee days and has the tendency to frighten people a county away. The only time she didn't literally attack the window in an attempt to get through it was back in Washington when Ft Lewis had a mountain lion roaming the housing area. We never saw anything, but by the time we got to the window to see what the noise outside was all about, Calli was crouched under Sarah's bed and shaking so badly she was losing fur.

Here's Lea, otherwise known as "roadkill". Bet you'll never figure out why we'd call her something like that!! Lea was born around April 15th of 2006 and is the poster child for aloof. She can be very affectionate as long as it's on her terms and only on her terms. She's very vocal about not having her stomach touched or being picked up. Fortunately, Lea's now too large to blend in with the carpet but when she was a kitten no toe was safe! (Oh, and I swear her legs AREN'T broken!!)

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